2018 Buckeye Summit


The 2018 Buckeye Summit Topics

Together, we can harness our collective power and insights to tackle these complex issues and begin to build healthier communities

Building a culture of well-being

Beginning in childhood and lasting through life, well-being is an important part of individual health. That's why we will spend time at the Summit focusing on evidence-based practice and intervention research to help you carry these ideas home. Join the discussion and plan how a culture of well-being can come to life in your community.

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Understanding and preventing addiction

Addiction is a disease that can strike anyone — and it’s present in all of our communities. How do we, as Buckeye Nation, come together to not only prevent addiction, but also remove the stigma and help those suffering from the disease?

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Focusing on preventive care

Prevention takes many forms. It’s managing stress at home and in the workplace and ensuring access to clean, safe resources around the globe. Whatever prevention looks like in your community, together, we can work to identify health problems early — giving health care providers and patients the chance to treat medical issues before they become crises.

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2018 Buckeye Summit


April 13, 2018
COSI—Center of Science and Industry | Columbus, OH